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October 1st , 2012:
It's been a while since I began my family ancestry research and about 10 years that I have been meaning to set up a web site about it. Well, better late than never, here it finally is going live today!

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Who do I think I are?

Richard Henry Mannering

This is a question I have been asking all my life and although one can constantly explore and reflect on the experiences and people that shape us, it is only through family that clues can be found to one's own internal character inheritance. If you too embark on this personal detective adventure then be prepared for the twists!
If you would like to see what I have found out about the various surnames that I have been researching then click on the tabs above.

This is an unfinished story.....

New information about our ancestors is coming to light all the time, and no longer do we have to stand in dusty archives looking for that treasured snippet of infomation that may, or may not lead us to the next clue. The internet has changed everything and on a daily basis brings more and more facts and insights to our door. However, the pure gold of family ancestry comes in the form of people and their memories and stories.

If you have any information on the families and ancestors that I am researching and would like to share it, please contact me at